Jason Aten and Bethany Aten

I’m Jason Aten. I’m a writer, creative director, husband, and father. I write about people, business, and technology, and I’m passionate about how these things impact real life.

I especially love seeing people pursue their passion, especially when it involves creativity. I also consult with small businesses and help them get creative in their branding and marketing through design, media production, and content creation. I started two creative businesses of my own, managed to wreck them both, made a really big mess, and found my way out by the grace of God and my family.

Jason Aten

My day job is as a staff writer for Fit Small Business, where I help entrepreneurs and small business owners build more profitable and sustainable businesses. I also contribute to about the intersection of technology and small businesses topics.

I’m available for a limited number of speaking engagements and creative consulting projects.

You can check out my design portfolio here:

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