That's right, you get to decide - is this photography thing you do a "business" or a "hobby."  It can be either, and that's okay - but it can't be both.  The problem often is, that photographers think it's a business, but really act like it's a hobby.  For many of us, it starts out as a hobby, but it grows to a point where suddenly you've decided it's a business.  But what's the difference?  What would you do differently if it's a business and not just a hobby?

The big idea: If it's a business, it has to make money.

"But I'm an artist!  I can't possibly just be doing this for the money!" 

That's okay - then just keep pursuing your photography hobby.  No problem with that.

If on the other hand, you've decided that this photography thing you do IS a business - well, then it's time we act like it.