To be successful in business, all you have to do is be the very best in the world at whatever it is you do.  Sounds easy right?  Actually, it is. 

First, you get to define your world.  You get to choose your sphere of influence, or, your market.  It's up to you what "world" you want to compete in - and you define its parameters.  It can be as big, or as small, as you want it to be.  In fact, starting out - you do yourself a great service to pick a very small world.

For example, if you're a photographer who wants to shoot Senior portraits, pick one High School.  Make your world, about just one graduating class.  You don't have to turn away other businesses, but focus all of your energy on just one group.  It starts to get easier to be the best when your world is small.

Second, you also get to decide what "best" means to your market.  They way you conduct your business - your style, your personality, your level of service - all help define you as "best." Figuring out how to be the very best in your small world is far more likely to lead to a bigger business, then trying to be "good" for everyone.

Often, we try to be "good enough" to as many people as we can - just to keep business coming in the door.  The problem is, no one refers "good enough."  No one keeps coming back to "good enough."  You'll keep your customers happy - but none of them will have any reason to be passionate and excited about you and your business.

So choose your world.  Choose the market that you're going to own - and then own it.  Once you own your market, you can let it grow - and if you do it right, it absolutely will.

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