Whenever I've spoken to photographers about how to make their business - and their life - better, I always end with a challenge.  Pick one thing.  Just one.  Find one thing that you WILL do differently.  Focus your efforts on changing one habit, one system, one goal - and give it everything you have.  Will it work?  Maybe - maybe not.  

The truth is, if we do nothing - than clearly nothing will change.  If we do nothing different, than we won't do anything better. 

I remember when I lived in the San Francisco Bay area.  I remember when I first moved out there, and had no idea where anything was.  I remember the feeling of not knowing anything about my surroundings, or my community.  I remember opening my fridge and not having any groceries.  So I got in my car.  I didn't really know where I was going - but I knew that I've never discover anything if I didn't start driving. 

So I drove around.  I found some dead ends.  I found neighborhoods, and shopping malls.  Eventually, I found a Safeway, and I filled my fridge.  I would have never found a grocery store if I just sat in my car in the driveway.  I would have never discovered my community if I hadn't first put my foot on the pedal and started driving.

I'm not suggesting you go forward without a plan - this whole site is about building a plan.  I am suggesting that you pick one thing in your plan, and DO IT.  If it doesn't work - fine - do something else!  That's how we learn and grow.

Now stop reading blogs and go do something for your business.!

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