Someone really wise once told me "You can't steer a parked car."  In addition to being true - it's a great illustration of the difference between those who experience success, and those who don't.  I also think it's something we can all relate to. 

Imagine getting in your car to go to the store.  Just because you turn your car on, you'll never get where you're going if you don't first start moving.  You'll never head towards the store, if you don't take the car out of park and start driving.

I think this happens to us all the time.  We have big dreams.  We even make big goals, and big plans.  We have the best of intentions, but nothing happens.  Somehow, after the dreaming and planning, we stop.  As a result - we never execute our plan.

Making plans is the easy part.  It's the executing that separates the successful from the rest of us.  It's the executing that separates us from living our dream.

What do you need to stop planning, and start doing?