I've written a few things about Photographer's workflows before.  It's an area of passion for me, for several reasons, but mostly because I believe it's an area where Photographers struggle - not because they have trouble making their photos look great - but because it's an area where they struggle to create a good system.  A lot of photographers spend a LOT of time on editing - time they could spend on their business, doing things that actually make them money.

One of my good friends, Jared Bauman, is the Co-Founder + CEO of ShootDotEdit, the industry leader in post-processing for wedding photographers.  He's also one of the sharpest guys I know - and a great photographer as well.  I had a chance to ask him a few questions recently, and thought I'd share with you our conversation.

Disclaimer: I am a ShootDotEdit customer, and have spoken for their workshop tour, but was not compensated in any way for this post.  ShootDotEdit has partnered with my workshops, but only by providing valuable "stuff' for attendees.  They don't pay me, and I just thought you should know :)


What is ShootDotEdit? 

ShootDotEdit is the First Choice Post Processing Partner for the Wedding Pro, and everything they shoot (engagements, portraits, boudoir, etc).

Where did the idea for ShootDotEdit come from? 

Garrett Delph, another professional wedding photographer, and myself were having fish tacos at the Brigantine in North County San Diego, commiserating about all of the editing we had to do to keep caught up.  We brainstormed hiring an editor, and training him to each of our individual studio profiles.  Thus, ShootDotEdit was born!

How is ShootDotEdit helping make photographer's lives a little easier?

When you consider that the average wedding photographer spends around 15 hours editing a wedding, ShootDotEdit has come in and removed that burden.  With ShootDotEdit, the photographer can focus on shooting and marketing.  In addition, because ShootDotEdit specializes in post production, most photographers find that their work is edited with an increased consistency.

How is ShootDotEdit different from other outsourced post-processing options for photographers? 

ShootDotEdit specializes in the wedding pro, and is optimized to take care of their intimate needs.  In addition, ShootDotEdit boasts the fastest turnaround time in the industry, with events completed as fast as 48 hours!  Fast is Best, and no one is faster.

What if I'm scared to have someone else edit my photos? 

Well, that's very common.  We have a couple of Services in place to help:

Color Wizard: this where you communicate to us your color preferences, so we edit your images to your style.

DotPreview: we will provide you a sample of 10 images from throughout the day, edited to your Color Profile.  Like it? Just click Approve and you're on your way!  Don't like it? We'll keep working with your DotPreview until you're happy.  Its our guarantee :).

Does it matter if I use Aperture or Lightroom?

We have Aperture and Lightroom workflows specifically tailored for the wedding pro.  Our workflows have been set up by the industry leaders (Apeture - Sara France; Lightroom - Jared Platt)

What does the process usually look like?

Once your have your Color Profile set up, you'll receive your images back as fast as 48 hours! 

Okay, how do I get started?

Quite simple.  Sign up for Free ( and set up your Color Profile (3 minutes or less).  All of our jobs are a la carte, and ordering takes less than one minute on average


I just want to add, as a ShootDotEdit customer, I love how simple and easy it is to have my images processed consistently every time.  With a family of three little ones at home, my experience has been that letting someone else deal with the post-processing gives me back time to do things that matter - both for my business, and for my life!

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