It's December 28, and the new year is coming quickly.  Since this seems to be the time of year we all create different lists of "resolutions" for the new year, here's a few suggestions of things you can do in the next year to help you build a profitable and sustainable photography business.  Some of these are things you can do today - some will take some work and planning, but either way, I hope you'll find a few things you can do to make a difference in your business this coming year!

1. Read books about business (I highly recommend this one, this one, and this one)

2. Take a photography class (at a community college or university).

3. Attend a quality workshop (either in person, or on CreativeLIVE)

4. Practice your photography

5. Second shoot with other photographers

6. Connect with a network in your area.

7. Send handwritten thank you notes to your clients.

8. Send handwritten notes to other professionals in your industry.

9. Start an email newsletter.

10. Hire an accountant.

11. Stop looking at other photographer's work for 3 months.

12. Turn off your iPhone after 6pm.

13. Turn off all "push" notifications for email/twitter/facebook/etc.

14. Take up a completely non-photography related hobby.

15. Start a personal photography project.

16. Shoot a personal project on film.

17. Get a business mentor/coach.

18. Start a retirement savings account (yes, small business owners can take advantage of 401K plans as well)

19. Start outsourcing things that others can do (like post-processing, client relationship management, and even your studio administrative support).

20. Every month, make it a priority to meet one new industry peer or vendor (planner, sales coordinator, florist, photographer, event designer, etc).

21. Make sure your business is protected by becoming an LLC, S-Corp, or Corporation.

22. Develop a content marketing strategy (social media, blogging, etc)

23. Take a long hard look at your website

24. Create a way to use your photography to give back to your community.

25. Refine your marketing plan around your ideal client.

26. Learn off-camera lighting

27. Learn on-camera flash

28. Photograph something completely different - leave your "go-to" lens at home.

29. Write down your workflow and dial in your systems.

30. Send out a survey to your past clients.


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