I had a chance to chat with Chris Scott, one of the creators of the Preveal iPad app.  Preveal is of the most innovative iPad apps for photographers I've used!  I had a chance to ask him some questions, and thought you'd like to learn a little more about the iPad app that is totally changing the way photographers sell their work!

What is Preveal?

Preveal is an iPad-based sales tool for professional photographers.  Photographers around the world are using it to help their clients see exactly what their images will look like on their own walls at the right size, all from an iPad.  This makes it absolutely simple to sell large amounts of wall art, whether you have an expensive projection sales room or meet your clients in a coffee shop.

Where did the idea for Preveal come from?

My wife, Adrienne, and I led a photography networking group when we lived in Nashville and we met so many photographers who were producing great work, had solid business structures in place, but just couldn't afford the investment of projection sales equipment and software to move their businesses to the next level.  So, we talked to a developer friend of ours and about 5 months later Preveal V1 was born!

How is Preveal helping photographers lives a little easier?

I mentioned a bit in one of the previous answers about how showing your clients their own images on their walls at the right size makes it simple for them to visualize exactly what it is they're going to get from you.  This definitely makes your life easier, but it gets a lot better than that.  When you can show your clients something that will affect them on an emotional level, we start moving away from this idea of "selling to our client" and instead, toward working together with our client to create the perfect piece for their home.  

This isn't a small distinction.  When our clients are working with us to create something, we're not selling anymore - they're telling us what they want and we're creating it for them.  Beyond that, building wall galleries in Preveal is blazing fast, so you'll end up selling more wall art in less time.  It's a win for you and a win for your client experience.

How is Preveal different from other iPad apps for photographers?

Preveal was the first app of its kind on the market, launching back in July of 2012.  Since then, we've continued to create the most innovative new features and provide resources outside of the app itself to help photographers run profitable, sustainable businesses.  Our feature set, like the new Visual Template Builder and The Preveal Community in Preveal V3, is setting the bar for this niche that we've created.

How are photographers using Preveal - how is helping their businesses?

Many photographers are using Preveal in In Person Sales and finding their sales increase by multiples of 3 or more.  Those photographers who have switched from strictly online sales are reporting five-fold increases in product sales.  It is not uncommon for us to hear of $2000+ average sales just from switching to Preveal.  In fact, I just got an email from a photographer in Florida who made $11,000 in one week, with a very realistic goal of $100,000 for her summer vacation season.  Prior to using Preveal, she was averaging $200-$400 per sale.  

On top of that, Preveal photographers are getting more referrals from their clients and they're able to charge a premium for their photography because of the personalized service that they're offering.  But Preveal isn't only limited to In Person Sales.  It's simple to incorporate Preveal into a long-distance sales or even online sales workflow.

Okay, how do I get started?

First, get Preveal from  If you get it by July 15, you'll save $25.  If not, no worries, you'll make a lot more than the $25 you could have saved!  When you launch Preveal for the first time, watch the tutorial videos on the "Welcome to Preveal V3" screen, they'll get you up and running in no time.  

Last, visit, where we've posted a handful of resources and best practices for using Preveal to its full capability, as well as a way that you can start making money with Preveal the day you get it.  If you're unsure if Preveal is right for you, poke around at and remember that we have a 100% money back guarantee! 



Side Note: I've been playing around with V3 since Chris gave me a copy to review last week, and I LOVE it.  I'll be sharing a more complete review in the next few days, but let me say this - it's easily one of the simplest, most innovative ways to make a huge difference in your photography sales.

Also, be sure to head over to and download your copy this week.  They're running an insane sale this week - and they pretty much guarantee you'll make back the cost of the app in your very first sale.  They've also got some pretty amazing giveaways this week.  Just click HERE for your chance at some incredible stuff!