This morning, I can’t help but think about the heart of God. I can’t help but think about how heartbroken He is over our brokenness.  Sadly, this isn’t anything new to Him - our brokenness, that is.  Brokenness has been a part of the story for a long time, we just step into that story in different places, at different times - but God’s heart has never been for us to be broken.  God’s heart for us always been for us to be whole, to be healed.


Sometimes we’re tempted to think about where things went wrong.  Sometimes we’re tempted to wonder how this could happen.  We’re tempted to question whether God could possibly still be good, whether or not He really cares, or even if He could possibly exist in the midst of the brokenness.  

Our view of God seems to be based on this idea that if our circumstances of life don’t live up to our understanding of who God should be, or how He should be working, then He must be a failure, or He has forgotten about us.  Sometimes I think we struggle with the fact that God doesn’t always meet our expectations.

I can’t help think that that’s such a terribly small view of God, and His heart for us.  

I don’t think it really takes much faith to believe that this world we live in is full of brokenness.  I don’t think it’s a leap to suggest that most, if not all of us, have experienced brokenness in our own lives - and probably do on a regular basis.  Here’s the thing: despite the regular occurrence of pain and grief in this world, this is not how it’s supposed to be.  This isn’t the desire of God for our world, or our lives. 

I get that doesn’t sound so reassuring in the midst of the everyday tragedies of the life we experience.  I know that the pain you feel is real.  Sometimes life really hurts.  Brokenness is a real thing.  We people are fragile, and we frequently break.  Our marriages and our families break. Our finances fall apart.  We lose our jobs. We mess things up. We experience sickness and suffering, and at our worst moments we are even seemingly overcome by the darkness of tragedy. 

I think, in that darkness - in the midst of tragedy - that we need to be reminded that though this world has been broken for a very long time, it was not meant to be this way.  That’s actually like, the definition of broken - something that is no longer the way it should be.  This world is not the way it’s supposed to be, it’s deeply and painfully broken, but it was not created that way. 

Every time I hear people say that some bad thing that happened will “be okay because it’s all a part of God’s plan.”  I don’t believe that’s true, and I don’t believe it’s scriptural.  I don’t believe that God plans for bad things to happen, and I don’t believe that God deserves the blame for the brokenness we experience. 


I don’t believe God ever planned for 17 people to be shot in a school this week, and I don’t believe He is to blame.  Evil isn’t caused by God, it’s caused by rebellion, which is caused by brokenness.  It’s caused by things not being the way they’re supposed to be.

The brokenness of this world, and the broken pieces in our lives were never a part of the plan.  To say that they are is an attempt at forcing God to fit inside our expectations. We have a hard time reconciling a perfect and loving God with a broken and painful world. 

In fact, most of life is lived in a state of constant tension between believing that God is good, and the experience of pain in this world.   And since we can see and hear and feel the brokenness, we conform our understanding of reality to the pain, instead of what we know is true despite the pain. 

We can debate the nature of evil, or the why bad things happen to good people, but what I know is true is this: God’s heart breaks for us in the midst of our brokenness.  God grieves our loss, our disappointment, and our hurt, far more than we do, and this morning, I can't help but think that God is deeply heartbroken.

God doesn't desire for us to experience pain, he desires that we be healed, and experience the abundance of life in Him.  He desires that we know His love for us, His comfort and His peace.  Right now, for a lot of people, those feel like the last thing God wants for them, but I think that's because we often measure God's love and His promises by our current circumstances.

Here's the truth, we know that our current circumstances are broken.  We know that this is a broken world, and that in it, there will be pain. But God's love and His promises don't change.  His heart for us is unending and He cares for us to the extent that He feels our pain far more than even we do. 


I can't explain how this pain and brokenness fits.  There are no words.  The only thing I know is that God's heart breaks for your brokenness.  He is heartbroken for you, and "He is close to the brokenhearted."  This morning, that's the thing I can't stop thinking about - that in the midst of your brokenness, He is there and His heart is broken for you.