Want to know how to get noticed?  Wonder what the best way is to find yourself at the top of Google Rankings?  Me too!  I know almost nothing about SEO - seriously.  In fact, everything I know about improving your Google rankings can be summed up in two words - content matters.  That's all I know!

Ironically, what matters to Google is what matters to your clients.  Clients care about content.  If you're clients are hiring you to photograph their wedding day, they care about the content.  They care about what's IN the photos.  Composition and lighting are important - but nothing trumps content. 

The same thing is true about your blog.  Whether you use WordPress or something else (disclosure, I use Squarespace), is important, but not as important as what you actually write.  Create meaningful and valuable content - and the rest takes care of itself.

Want proof?  Check out the graphic below.  Check out where this site ranks.  It's up there higher than PPA, Ann Monteith, and CreativeLIVE/Jasmine Star (which are some pretty great resources by the way!).


It's actually #1 when you search for Photography Business Workshops.  It's also #1 for "Business Workshops for Photographers," and "Business Help For Photographers."  Probably because that's what this site is all about.  

I don't say that to brag (remember, I know almost nothing about SEO - and this isn't really about SEO anyway), but rather to point out one thing...


Focus on your content.  Content Matters. 


Tell me what you think matters most - leave a comment below!


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