What People Are Saying About the ONE DAY INTENSIVE

The one day intensive really got my juices flowing to take my business to the next level. There was so much information to take in, and I still have more to read in the awesome workbook! Thanks Jason!

keri vaca



Still green to the business side of running a photography business I found this workshop invaluable. Starting Out Right is chalked full of information that other photographers tend to not share, the real nuts and bolts of running a business. Jason's straight forward approach to business, honesty about his own work, and enthusiasm is so refreshing. Practitioners just starting out or ones needing to reevaluate their business, this class is definitely the right move.

Jessica Sue Layton



This is simply the best business workshop for wedding and portrait photographers. Jason is a knowledgeable and experienced small business owner who will explain not just what to do, but how to do it and why it works. Great value!


Mike Peyzner




The workshop was great; very informative & helpful especially for goal setting and giving guidelines/ideas on setting up strategic and effective business practices.

Kelly Smith


The business portion of running a photography business (which is 75% of it!) is MOST important, but also most difficult to do right. This workshop was perfect in that it gave me practical steps to organize and run my business in a way that will guarantee me a profitable return. I highly recommend it! 

Jessica Cudzilo


Jason's workshop was seriously exactly what I needed. As a photographer in the very early stages of setting up my business, I had tons of questions about things like workflow, how to word emails, handling album design and using a successful pricing model. He knows what works and is willing to share everything, making this workshop an invaluable tool for any photographer looking to strengthen the "business side"! 

Erin Marie Hall  www.erinmariehall.com


A great workshop to take for anyone wanting to get a grip on the business side of photography. Jason is both personable and knowledgeable and his workshop gets down to the basics of what you need in order to succeed business-wise. If you feel shaky about the non-creative side of photography I definitely recommend taking his workshop. The class size was large enough to learn from others in the class and the issues they were experiencing in their businesses but small enough to feel that you were having a personal chat with Jason. If you're willing to do what it takes to change your business and need help knowing how to do that, take Jason's workshop. You won't regret it.

Abbie Rufener


This is THE workshop to attend if you are considering starting or have recently started a photography business!

Nathan Peel, www.fyreflyweddings.com


The Starting Out Right workshop was great. It help me having a better understanding of pricing my services and products. I now look at my photography business as a business that will support my family instead of as a business/hobby to make extra money. I still have a long way to go before I can consider my business as successful, but the tools and knowledge given by Jason at the Starting Out Right workshop have put me on the right path. 

Kortney Jarman


I would highly recommend Jason Aten's Starting out Right one day intensive workshop. His well organized workshop was eye-opening experience for my business. Since the workshop is limited to a small group, everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and to share their experiences. Walking through the expense & pricing worksheets was invaluable and has given me the knowledge to to properly price my photography. In addition to working on financial goals, Jason incorporated life and family goals into the workshop, allowing us to all get a good appreciation of the direction our lives are taking.

Kiki Morton



I think that Jason was very well organized and ready to get me organized and ready to take the business side of my photography just as important as the creative side.

Wiff Harmer


It seems so difficult to find practical information about the very first things you need to do when starting a photography business but this workshop addresses those very questions. The newer you are the more helpful you'll find this workshop. Highly recommended.

Jeff & Jan Cleveland, www.jeffcleveland.com


Jason Aten's "One Day Intensive" workshop was THE workshop I needed to attend. I have focused too much on the artistic aspect of my business, but not on the business aspect - it sounds funny, I know.

Jason really understands business and did a remarkable job teaching us what he knows, so attending the workshop was a no brainer. I wish I could have taken a workshop or class like this years ago, but I am really glad that I attended it now. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that needs to take their business to the next level. Thank you Jason.

//Otto Rascon


The "One Day Intensive" workshop was extremely helpful. Not only were a broad range of subjects covered relating to business, but real life examples were given from Jason's own successful wedding photography studio. It was wonderful to walk away with tangible goals I can put to work in creating my business. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about having a successful photography business.

-Catherine Caughron