Hosting Agreement:


Thank you for your interest in helping host the “Starting Out Right” one-day photography business intensive.  We really appreciate your willingness to help make this happen.  In exchange, you will receive a complimentary admission to the workshop.

Here’s how you can help.

1. Provide a space for up to 20 participants in a classroom style setting - preferably in a photography studio.

  Ideal space will have space and seating for up to 20 participants - classroom style.

Have A/V capabilities, including video presentation capabilities for a laptop computer.

Have a separate space for setting up and serving lunch.

2. Arrange for lunch and afternoon snack for participants.  Lunch budget is $12 per person - to include sandwich, drink and side - OR pizza.  Meal specifics will be included once hosting agreement is confirmed.  You will be reimbursed for the actual number of participants for the cost of lunch.

3. Act as point person for setup and clean up for the host location for both the workshop and lunch.  

4. Assist in marketing and promoting the event through blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.  A minimum of 10 participants is required for each city.

5. Help recruit the minimum of 10 participants.  Free workshop admission is provided in exchange for the minimum level of attendance.  Personally invite people that you know would benefit from an intense focus on their business.