"...a huge thank you for your generosity of wisdom, experience and knowledge in sharing something that so many people struggle with.... clear, concise, encouraging and motivating."

I am honored that you are considering having me speak at your event.  I know how important, having the right speaker can be.  Over the last 15 years, I've spoken at a lot of different types of events, whether it's teaching a workshop for creatives, speaking at large national conferences/expos, teaching an online course, or serving as a teaching pastor in a local church. 

"Jason has a way of taking complicated things and making them simple in a way that people just connect with..."

My passion is using creativity and storytelling helping people connect with the truth of the Gospel.  It's that simple.  I'd love to talk to you about whether or not I'd be a good fit for your event.  

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Topics I Am Commonly Asked To Speak on:


As Christians, we often make Jesus our “plan A”, but we still hold on to our own “plan B.”  As if we’re worried some how He might not come through, so we go about living according to our on plan. Faith teaches us that there is no “plan B,” hence - Jesus or Bust.


Sometimes I think our lives are a lot like a leaning tower. We focus on building something that looks good on the outside, yet our foundation is too shallow. I guess the question is - what are you really trying to build? Something that looks good, or something that lasts.  If the builders of the Leaning Tower of Pisa had dug the foundation another 18 inches, it would have saved 1000 years of having to prop it up.  A lot of us are living the same way - and I think Jesus came to help us fix the lean.


It was in prison that I finally looked around and said to myself "I'm not supposed to be here!" This was never a part of the plan.  It was never where I was "supposed" to be.  I was "supposed" to be home with my family.  I was "supposed" to be living the life I was created for, not this broken version of life I had created for myself.

I realized something though, in the midst of the darkest moments of the journey - that God never leads us into the wilderness to leave us there.  He leads us through the wilderness to prepare us for the purpose He has for us.


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