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"This is simply the best business workshop for wedding and portrait photographers..."  

Mike Peyzner -

Can you imagine if you had access to two full days of business training and education targeted specifically for photographers?  


This is not a typical workshop.  It's not a seminar.  If you're looking for a day of learning more about your camera and shooting pretty models - this isn't for you.

"This workshop gave me practical steps to organize and run my business" 

- Jessica Cudzilo

On the other hand, if you're ready to go deep - and get serious about your photography business, you can't afford to miss this.  Whether you've been in business for 2 years, or 10, you'll learn best practices and business principles to help you grow your business.

Unlike most photography "workshops," this isn't just about photography. Jason brings a background in management and marketing from working at as an executive at a Fortune 100 company, and the experience of starting - and building a successful boutique studio based in the midwest.  Jason's studio serves clients nationally and internationally.  


You'll leave with answers.  You'll leave with a PLAN.  You'll leave with the best practices and strategies to help grow a business built to last. 

DAY 1:


We'll start by helping define your goals.  Using that as the foundation, we'll get a grip on the numbers - including pricing, budgets, cash flow, expenses, and more.  We'll talk about how to understand and manage the financial health of your business, including de-mystifying financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income & Expense, and Cash Flow).  We'll take that information and help you get set up with goals and benchmarks.

Based on a solid understanding of your expenses and what it costs  you to be in business, we'll also talk about pricing strategy and help you develop pricing that works for your business.  


Developing a brand - and a marketing strategy to support that brand - are key to finding the right clients.  We'll go through best practices in marketing and brand development - so that you'll leave with key principles you can put in to place immediately.  We'll talk about identifying your ideal client, creating a marketing plan that is laser focused on that client, and leveraging your marketing strategy to help you grow your business profitably.   


DAY 2:


You only have so much time, and we often find ourselves spending it on things that barely help us get by - and DON'T help us grow our businesses.  We'll talk about how developing efficient systems can help set your business up for real growth.  We'll walk through setting up the important systems in your business, including workflow, client management, accounting and bookkeeping, order fulfillment and administration.  

You'll learn how to spend less time doing things that cost you money, and more time doing the things that help you grow your business.  We'll also walk through our complete workflow, using images from the bonus shoot the night before - including time for image review.


The relationships you develop with your clients are about more than smiles and smooth talking.  We'll cover how we walk our clients through from inquiry to completion - and how we start the cycle over.  Our goal is to build clients for life.  We'll walk step by step through our portrait and wedding sales workflow, including how we tailor our viewing sessions to produce profitable results.  You'll learn how we're able to average over $2,500 per portrait session, and $3,000-$4000 for after-wedding album sales.


Beginning this year, every participant in the TWO DAY INTENSIVE will also receive a one hour follow up consultation within 30 days of the INTENSIVE.  The purpose of this telephone consultation is to help you focus in on the area that will most benefit your business, and provide you with accountability towards your business plan.  An individualized coaching plan will be developed, allowing you to invest your energy in the areas of your business that will help you grow.


"Jason knows what works and is willing to share everything, making this workshop an invaluable tool for any photographer looking to strengthen their business.." - Erin Marie Hall 

Who should come?: Photographer/Small Business Owners.  Whether you've been doing this for less than 2 years or more than 10, this workshop is designed to help you learn best practices to grow your business.

Cost: $299 ($199 Early Bird!) Includes all materials [business planning and budgeting tools, contract worksheets, participant manual] and lunch both days.  Coffee, danishes, fruit and bagels provided for breakfast each day. Includes a copy of the Photographer's Resource Guide, as well as some pretty cool giveaways from our favorite companies in the industry.

Limited to 15 Participants.  Please note that there are no refunds for cancellations.  If you're unable to attend for any reason outside of our control, we will be unable to offer you a refund. If you are able to secure an alternate attendee, your registration may be transferred to a spouse or another member of your studio only.

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