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Whether it's a logo, a website redesign, or a ground up rebranding, I can help you create design elements that connect with your story.  I will work with your organization to deliver the perfect brand identity and the collateral to back it up - giving you the pieces you need to tell your story without distractions.  I am frequently asked to create compelling design materials including: 

Website Design

Print Materials from brochures to billboards

Brand Identity/Logo Design

Social Media Graphics



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Wondering how to better connect with your audience?  I can help, through branded, relevant content that increases your online profile, while getting your message across.  From social media management, online engagement, inbound marketing communications, and regular creative content (blogging, email campaigns, etc), I can provide you with full-service content marketing that makes an impact on your communications strategy.


I help organizations manage their social media profiles, to make sure that the story matches your brand.  From monitoring and engaging your twitter followers, to growing your overall social footprint, I can help.  I create quality social content that attracts the right type of audience, and creates the right type of engagement.


Want to drive engagement beyond your online properties?  I can help you create effective email communication campaigns that reinforce your message on an ongoing basis.  Whether you have content to promote, or an upcoming event, email is still the most effective means of communicating with your audience.


Creating content that drives your audience back to your website, increases "stickiness," which is just a marketing way of saying that they'll keep coming back.  For you, that means that a consistent, relevant blog post can help you attract your target audience, and keep them coming back. 

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Whether you're looking to highlight a specific product or event, or create compelling visual stories through video and photography, I can help.  Nothing helps you tell your story in a way that moves your audience to action like video.  

Corporate Video Promotions

Event Trailers

Training Videos

Social Media Video Teasers

Corporate Event Photography

Executive Headshots and Company Brand Images


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Whether you just need to add a little creative horsepower to your in-house team, or you need someone who can do it all, I will work with you to create a strategy that fits your organization and your marketing + communications needs.  I like to think of it as being a part of your team, and I make it super easy to work together.

We'll spend time ideating and strategizing to make sure I can provide you with exactly the creative services that will have the biggest impact on your overall efforts.  We are goal-oriented, so we won't waste your time with anything you can't see measurable results.  We're also creative, so we like to think outside the box, and often the best ideas come when we sit down and simply dream about doing things that haven't been done.