Last week, I announced at Pictage's PartnerCon, that I was releasing a book: "Starting Out Right: Photographers Resource Guide."  I'm super excited about it, and I wanted to share with you a little about why I decided to write a book.  

Over the past year, I've been fortunate to work with over 100 photographers through the one-day intensives, and other workshops.  For me, this has been such an incredible adventure as I've had the chance to help people take a look at their photography business - and make it work for the long haul.  

We work through things like understanding how much it costs to be in business, Forecasting and managing your expenses, pricing to make a profit, developing a brand and marketing strategy, working with clients and managing their experience, sales, and workflow.  We spend a lot of time and it requires an investment by photographers to make it worth while.

At the same time, there are thousands of photographers that don't have access to a business intensive, or any kind of business help.  That's exactly why I spent a year putting this book together.

This book is a blend of theory and practice.  It's full of information about how to set up and grow your business, as well as practical resources that help you do just that.  Almost 25% of this book is made up of resources like pricing guides, financial tools, worksheets to help you with expenses and cash flow, client process guides, sample contracts and order forms, workflow tools and more.  These are things you can take and put into practice immediately.

Starting and running a business is hard.  That's why 95% of small business don't make it past year five.  The good news is that yours can be one of the ones that do!  Even though it's hard, I wanted to provide a resource to photographers to help make it just a little easier. 

So, that's the whole point behind this.  It's not a magic formula - you still have to do the hard work.  Hopefully though, the concepts and tools in this book will make it just a little easier.  Hopefully it will give you a place to start.

The really cool thing is that the book is available both as a physical book AND an e-book.  Both of which are available on December 10 (actually, the ebook will be available for download about a week earlier).  Because I think this is such a valuable tool - if you pre-order the book (before the ebook is available 12/1), you actually receive BOTH the ebook and hard copy for the pre-release price of $99.00.  

I'm confident this will be a valuable tool for anyone looking to grow and build a photography business that will last.