Two years ago, I wrote a book.  I guess, more than a book, it was a manual of sorts - a workbook to help photographers build their business.  The Starting Out Right: Photographer's Resource Guide, has helped more than 1500 photographers get started, as they create something of value around this photography thing we all do.  The process of putting together something that could be a resource for other photographers was a huge labor of love, but one well worth it.

Today, I'm announcing publically for the first time, that a follow up is coming soon!  My newest book (not a workbook this time), is designed to give you a plan for building something real - a profitable and sustainable photography business.  

This book won't tell you how to get rich.  It's not a book about becoming a fabulous photographer.  It's also not going to help you become a rockstar.  What it will do is teach you the business principles and best practices that you can use in your business right now - to help you build something that allows you to do what you love, while living the life you want to live. 

It's already written, and is currently in the hands of the publishers and editors - people much smarter than me!  Assuming everything goes well, it'll be available to you before Christmas.

In addition to being available in paperback, it'll be available as an ebook on your ipad, kindle and nook.  If you want to be among the first to get ahold of it when it's available, simply sign up for my email newletter.  Not only will you get first dibs on buying the book, you'll get access to over $140 worth of special bonuses available only to subscribers.

I can't wait for you to read this book, and I really think it will completely change the way photographers look at their business.  As soon as we have a firm release date, I'll notify the email list, then post it here - so sign up! 


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