As the Internet continues to lead as the largest global marketplace, the choice to be a social business can be one that makes or breaks your success in today’s data-driven world. Providing a great digital customer experience is one way to boost customer satisfaction and your chances for long-term success.


Often times, small and mid-sized businesses were propelled into motion by a brilliant idea or the zest of a passionate entrepreneur. It’s important to have the right marketing strategy in place so that you can continue to scale, grow and conquer at the optimal frequency and velocity right for your business. Integrating social technology and digital strategies into your overarching business plan can put you ahead of your competition, boost your revenue and foster customer loyalty, the end game for any business.

One of the most important keys to an effective digital strategy is building a consistent online marketing plan. This means establishing and maintaining a compelling website, effective landing pages, engaging social media presence across relevant profiles, positive customer reviews in forums, an enviable search engine ranking, and positive feedback loop for company information (blog, newsletter, etc.).

Through all of this digital real estate, the tone and brand voice should be authentic, informative, transparent and the company should be able and willing to listen and respond to customers, those who are happy and in distress, alike.

People want to know that they can count on you for service, support and quality. They want to, and are, sharing their customer experiences -- the good, bad and ugly -- with their networks. Moreover, they want to entertain their networks.

Don’t forget: Social media is fun! Why is our society so obsessed with social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram? Primarily because it’s fun! We enjoy being connected with our family and friends and seeing what they’re up to.

You can use this to your advantage and leverage these free marketing opportunities by utilizing candor, humor and wit.

By optimizing your digital and social presence now, your business will be better suited for the e-commerce boom that is only just beginning to take the world by storm. More consumers will be purchasing goods and services via their smartphones than ever before. In order to stay top of mind and relevant to consumers, businesses must establish and maintain a strong digital identity that engages with it its patrons. Social is the new business standard.