A few weeks ago, I discovered a brand new way for photographers to create stunning porfolio sites online with Iconify.  I had a chance to chat with Bronson Taylor, the Founder of Iconify, and learned a little more about what those guys are creating.  Here's some of the highlights from our conversation:


What is Iconify?  

Iconify turns your portfolio into a marketing machine. There are plenty of places to upload your images online, but there isn't an online portfolio that is built for marketing. 

Where did the idea for Iconify come from? 

My wife is a wedding photographer and I was always tasked with building her portfolio and marketing her services. I designed the first version of Iconify as a portfolio for her, but then I quickly realized that we had something special.

How is Iconify helping photographers market to their clients, and future clients? 

Iconify was built for marketing from the ground up. First, your portfolio works perfectly on every device (desktops, tablets, and phones) so you never have future clients struggling to navigate your site. They can even swipe through your photos with touch on phones and tablets. 

Second, your contact information is prominent so future clients can easily contact you, including one-touch to call. email, or get driving directions from mobile devices.

Third, you can share your portfolio with a couple clicks on your social networks, but even more importantly, anyone who views your portfolio can share it on their own social networks. For the first time your postfolio can go viral.

Fourth, if anyone views your portfolio from a phone or tablet they can download your portfolio as an app. If you are an icon on someone's most intimate device then they are more likely to remember you, hire you, and tell others about you.

How is Iconify different from other portfolio website options for photographers? 

Other portfolios just display your work, but they don't provide the tools to promote your work. Iconify helps you get clients, get exposure, and get money.

Tell me more about the mobile option? 

The world is going mobile. Soon, more people will access the internet from a mobile device than from a desktop. However, our portfolios have not kept us. If you visit your current portfolio from a phone right now it might be shocking to see how poor it displays. Iconify portfolios are touch-enabled and even downloadable as an app. It is the first true mobile portfolio. 

So it looks like it's a free service.  How do I sign up, and what benefits do I get if I move up to the Pro level?

You can signup for free at We hate complicated pricing so we kept things simple. Free members can access every feature (including themes, analytics, etc.) but they are limited to 10 images. Pro membership is only $5/month and they are able to upload 500 images.

Anything else you want photographers to know about Iconify?

Iconify has only been public for two weeks and we already have over 8,000 photographers that use our service. We are astonished by the response we've had so far, and we look forward to serving the photography community for many years to come.

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